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Last Updated April 23,2016
Last Updated April 23,2016

This is where you can download the new Kliqqi 3.0.0. – Hardgrove, Formally known as Pligg CMS. We’ve spent months working hard on this release and are very happy to be able to present this to you today.

Installation: If you are new to Kliqqi you will want to extract the zip file and follow the installation instructions in the readme.html file.

Note: If you are migrating from a previous Pligg CMS installation Please WAIT we have fixed the entire upgrade system and now re-writing few things and also improving the interface!.

We’ve created a migration section and developed some tools to help you along the way.  Please visit the migration section. Needs to be updated after we fixed a couple of bugs

Kliqqi minimum requirements Apache running PHP5.5+, and  MySQL 5.1

Please note that though a fix was provided to install it on PHP 5.4, most of the updates of the core files were done following PHP 5.5 and 5.6 standards and therefore some features may not work on 5.4. We are not responsible for supporting any installation with PHP 5.4.

If you have access to the PHP version through your cPanel, then you can change it easily. Otherwise, you can request from your host to do it or if you are on a VPN, you can request the upgrade to easyApache 4 which provides you with the easiest way to change the php version and assign a different php version for every cPanel you have!

The following is just a partial list of what’s new and what’s been fixed since the last version. If you would like a heavily detailed folder showing each and every individual line change you can download our documented change log here.


  • The default template has been updated to include SEO microdata markup schema to provide Google, Bing, and Yahoo with rich snippets.
  • Admin Panel is now known as Dashboard from here on out.
  • New private message notification icon displays in the users dropdown on the top right.
  • Users can now select multiple categories when submitting a new story or editorial.
  • Sidebar Statistics module rewritten and less database intensive.
  • Dashboard Statistics Widget rewritten to provide greater detail and is less database intensive.
  • Many duplicate and unnecessary database queries have been removed.
  • /libs/link.php initialized a new variable $is_rtl to hold the value 0 or 1 when returned from the script that checks whether the content is left to right or right to left language. This varibale will be passed to the template files to accurately apply dir=”rtl” when applicable.
  • Social Bookmark module has been rewritten to streamline it with the most used sites and to be more mobile friendly.
  • Added 2 new hooks into the user dropdown in the header.
  • Changed mobile menu toggle to ellipis from hamburger.
  • Added an additional Sort by from the sort button to sort the stories of the current month. and modified the htaccess accordingly to make the sort work when SEO URL method is set to 2


  • Validation of a registered user is now working; email is sent to confirm the registration and validate it. Subsequently, the user also receives a welcome email.
  • Upon creating a group, the group creator now is able to send emails to other people to invite them to join the site/group.
  • Send Announcement by Site Admins, from the Dashboard works now.
  • When users following each others use the simple messaging module from the inbox, an email also is sent to the receiver.
  • Fixed the Site and Groups Admin and Moderator roles and privileges throughout. See the chart
  • Fix the installables.php to properly install the default modules. Many columns were providing the wrong type of data in the insert statement and one column was skipped even though it doe not have a default value.
  • Fixed thousands of warnings and notices due to uninitialized variables.
  • Caught an exploit in the private messaging module. We applied a fix to force authentication and prevent users from altering the URL to message other users who don’t follow them.
  • Added $current_user to the globals to accurately get the logged in user_id so that the logged in user will only see their saved stories and not someone’s else
  • Fixed MySql server version number not displaying in the widget under certain server environments.
  • Changed the $email_headers = “From: ” . Send_From_Email . “\r\nReply To: ” . Send_From_Email . “\r\n”;
  • Removed/grouped/optimized over a hundred queries to improve server load
  • Changed deprecated php split() to explode()
  • Changed the deprecated preg_replace() passed with “\e” modifier.
  • Fixed all the deprecated mysql_ extension to be compliant with PHP 5.5+
  • Added the return value of the link_comment column in recalc_comments(), otherwise it was not storing it.
  • Added check level admin and moderator because site admins & moderators couldn’t have access to the private story to check it for moderation in story.php
  • Migrated the Simple Messaging module to Mysqli to be compliant with PHP 5.5+
  • Changed display block to inline to fix the mobile display and added this rule to provide enough clickable spacing in the mobile display
  • Fixed to prevent long urls from pushing the page to the right. Now the content wraps properly.
  • Updated the readme files of Modules and Widgets to include the new fixes.
  • Fixed the Last Logged In Users widget that was not displaying any data and breaks.
  • Fixed a typo in the readme from language/ to languages/
  • Fixed the $mail From = $site_mail is wrong, because $site_mail is defined nowhere! We must set it to the value defined in the language file. The same applies to $mail AddReplyTo
  • Fixed erroneous code ($user karma and $user username) that was rendering the validation impossible when users request a validation code upon login. At the same time, added a query to delete the entry from the login_attempts table because the user had to wait x number of seconds based on the number of login attempts. Now, upon successful validation, this entry is deleted and users don’t have to wait any more!
  • modules/links/links_main.php: fixed the convert url to link code to accept % and uppercase letters.
  • templates/admin/home.tpl commented the code for the widget settings
  • widgets/kliqqi_news/init.php changed the settings value to 0
  • widgets/last_logged_in_users/init.php changed the settings value to 0
  • widgets/statistics/init.php changed the settings value to 0
  • Renamed the widget panel_tools to dashboard_tools and all its files accordingly
  • widgets/spam_trigger/templates/widget.tpl: modified the code to only display the alerts when the count is greater than 0
  • Added jquery.pnotify.css to the admin template css folder since it was missing.
  • Removed most of the hard
  • coded terms and sentences from the code and defined their Constants in the language files.
  • Fixed the editlink error message in the case where set time limit to edit the story is set to true. It was displaying as plain html and now the same as all other error messages.
  • Added conditional statement to display a message if no articles are yet published/new/shared to a Group.
  • Fixed the Admin > Settings > Groups Max Groups User Create. Now it accurately checks if the user exceed the max number of creating groups.
  • Fixed the regex in submit.php to accommodate new domains that exceed 3 letters. Also fixed the email validation accordingly.
  • Fixed the bug that wasn’t getting the url of some site that do not allow fopen or fsockopen. This way, the submitted url will be the url of the link.
  • Fixed the published date defaulting to 943941600 (Tue, 30 Nov 1999 06:00:00 GMT)
  • Fixed the regex to skip urls inside an html tag in the links module.
  • Fixed code to optimize the tables after deleting discarded comments from the Dashboard.
  • Fixed the settings of the Sitemap module and added Sitemap Links to the module’s settings to allow a visual and quick access to the generated files.
  • Added spam comments display to the spam trigger widget.
  • Fix to properly get the meta description or fall back to the first p tag in link.php
  • Fix to the links module that was not adding the rel=”nofollow” and also i added the hashtag to the regex.
  • Fix to the join_group.php where the if closing bracket was prematurely closed and also fixed the join/unjoin/ redirect and the request withdraw error and redirect.
  • Added jQuery to disable the ENTER key in the title and tags input fields as they were taking the user back to the url submit page. NOTE that we could not fix the captcha answer field the same as it is loaded dynamically by solvemedia.