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Last Updated Jan 11, 2017


Last Updated Jan 11, 2017

This is where you can download the new Kliqqi 3.5.2. Formerly known as Pligg CMS. Please support us by making a small contribution. Your donations allow us to keep providing updates.

Kliqqi minimum requirements Apache running PHP5.4+, and  MySQL 5.1

Installation: If you are new to Kliqqi you will want to extract the zip file and follow the installation instructions in the readme.html file. Upgrading from Pligg CMS to Kliqqi? See the instructional videos below.

Pligg upgrading to Kliqqi? After you download the CMS package, SEE THIS TOPIC.  Bug Fix Pligg to Kliqqi Upgrade Issues

Kliqqi 3.5.2 Changelog

  • Fixed bug that was breaking the Template editor in the Dashboard in version 3.5.0
  • Fixed bug in the Dashboard Manage menu that stays collapsed in version 3.5.0
  • Fixed bug that was causing duplicates URL to go through upon submitting an article.
  • Fixed bug in the Karma module description value that was truncationg the text.
  • Corrected the wrong URL pointing to the Kliqqi support in the readme file of the installation.
  • Added a special upgrade file from kliqqi 3.5.0 to 3.5.2
  • Improvement to the upgrade process; added more descriptive messages.
  • Improved the removal of the piped string in the submitted story title.
  • Added new code to load the appropriate page (Index or New) based on the Dashboard settings. If votes to publish, in the voting section is set to 0 or 1, and auto vote in the submit section is set to true, then the story will automatically appear in the published page and the index page is loaded upon submitting the story, instead of the New page!
  • Added more instructions to the links Module and modified the language constant that displays on the modules page in the Dashbaord.
  • Changed “Bookmark” and “Remove Bookmark” of the save story feature to “Save” and “Unsave”

Upgrade process

  • Download and unzip the latest Kliqqi version 3.5.2 to the www directory of your localhost, or to the public_html.
  • COPY /settings.php from your old CMS to the root of the newly unzipped folder of the latest version.
  • COPY /libs/dbconnect.php from your old CMS to the /libs/ folder of the newly unzipped folder of the latest version.
  • Navigate in your browser to http:/localhost/(FOLDER-CONTAINING-THE-LATEST-VERSION)/install/upgrade.php
  • If you see that you can proceed with the upgrade, Enter the “Table prefix” of your older CMS in the first input box.
  • In the second input box, where it says “Because both Pligg 2.0.0rc1 and 2.0.0 have the same verion “2.0.0”, if you are using Pligg version 2.0.0 rc1, enter rc1 in the box; otherwise, leave it empty”
    The upgrade process will pick up the right version!
  • In the input box where it says “Enter the Visual Name you used for your pligg site (you can find it in the language file of your site under the general section PLIGG_Visual_Name)”
    You can enter the same visual name you are using or a new one!
  • Click Submit.
  • Click on English from the language selection.
  • The upgrade will run and if everything went well, you get a message at the end of the page along with all the further instructions to follow, depending on the settings we detect in the config table.

Kliqqi v3.5.0 Changelog


  • Includes several security updates that were discovered using the RIPS security software from Many of these security vulnerabilities that have been recently discovered effect both Kliqqi and all versions of Pligg CMS. We strongly recomend that everyone upgrade to Kliqqi v3.5 immediatly.

Fixes/improvement to the Installation and Upgrade system

  • Re-wrote the entire Upgrade files to accurately upgrade from Pligg CMS versions 1.2.2 – 2.0.0rc1 – 2.0.0rc2 – 2.0.0 – 2.0.1 – 2.0.2 – 2.0.3 and Kliqqi 3.0.0
  • Added new Columns and values to differents Tables to accommodate new features or improve existing ones.

Upgrade from Pligg to Kliqqi – part 1

Upgrade from Pligg to Kliqqi – part 2

Kliqqi and default Modules latest version notification mechanism

  • Re-wrote some files to accurately push notifications, to the Dashboard, whenever a new version of Kliqqi CMS or any of the default modules are released.
    • Added new section to the Dashboard left sidebar to display the current Kliqqi version, which changes when there is a newer version and provide a link to download it.Current version:Notification for a new version:
    • The notification for new modules versions will appear beside Installed and Uninstalled accurately. When visiting the pages, a display of the number of modules and breakdown of each with a link to download the latest version appears.

Introduced a new Logo feature in the Dashboard, to set your own logo, replacing the Visual name of the site in the top navigation bar.


  • Added regex to grab the title from og:title
  • fixed the fsockopen from tls to ssl which was causing errors on https links
  • Removing some obsolete settings in the Upload module.
  • Adding a link the New page from the Dashboard.
  • Fix to the story title wrapping under the vote box.
  • Added code to precisely and properly wrap any image in the story content, on website and mobile.
  • Changed the alt tag of the user avatar in the stories to display the user login instead of “avatar”
  • Fixed a bug that was breaking the RSS feeds in the user profile.
  • Added data tracking information to usage license.
  • Added a style rule to make sure that if an image element is allowed in the story content via the html tags to allow, it does not push the page out of the canvas.
  • Fixed the XML sitemaps module.
  • Fixed the “Search” title that was hard coded and added it to the language files
  • Added new style rule to fix the subtext width to align everything.
  • Corrected the versions in a couple of modules.
  • Corrected link to the Kliqqi news in the Kliqqi news widget
  • Fixed the trailing space that was left in the config table var_value when the optiontext is true / false
  • Fixed the relative path in the error warning in config.php
  • Fixed variable checking in login.php
  • Added query error logging when $log_to_file is set to true. This will help debugging and fix the issues.
  • All Database Tables are all converted to CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci and ENGINE = MyISAM.
  • Fixed the search by date in the advanced search, and added the option to search between two dates
  • Fixes to make sure the breadcrumb is set to the date or from date to date search terms instead of displaying a hyphen in SEO URL method 2 and just the date in URL method 1
  • Fix to make sure the pagination button of the search does not display when the result is empty.
  • Fixed a bug in link.php. The link modified date was commented out in the read function. The xml sitemap module relies on the modified date and was erroneously posting the modified date as 1970 and incorrectly calculating the change frequency and priority.
  • Additional fixes to properly display the og:title/description and twitter:title/description should they include quotes in the strings.
  • Added code to remove the piped site name from the title of the submitted article.
  • Bug fix for the SQL query that was displaying a downvoted comment as downvoted story in the user downvoted tab.
  • Improved the links module by adding options to the settings:
    • Extend the links module to all user levels.
    • Only to Moderators.
    • Only to Admins.
    • Improved the CSS rules to perfectly align the story container.
    • Enhancement of the language detection to properly and accurately align the content of the story.
    • Added OpenGraph and Twitter cards to the meta.tpl and provided an easy way to grab the picture of the submitted article.
    • Modified and enhanced the upload module to accommodate the process.
    • Modified the conversion of the return and newline because they were converted to double breaks in the comments.
    • Fixed bug that was not inserting the tags in the tables.
    • Fix User submitting a story to a group is redirected to a different group.
    • Fix to the Private group tabs that were visible to anyone.
    • Fix to the Follow and Unfollow buttons that were visible to visitors
    • Fixed a bug that was breaking the structure of the navigation and not displaying the Upvoted link.
    • Fixed bug, pagename is a defined constant and was treated as a string
    • Reinstated the ‘read more’ feature in the summary view
    • Fix to the links module that was not adding the rel=”nofollow” and also added the hash tag to the regex.
    • Fixed the join/unjoin group redirect and the request withdraw error and redirect.
  • Fix to disable the ENTER key in the title and tags input fields as they were taking the user back to the url submit page.