Launch Day Aftermath

WoW! Yesterday was a very log day for us. We’ve only had about an hour of sleep and we’re back at it again today. Launch day is always exciting except when things go unexpectedly. You can prepare for almost everything but there is always something that goes inevitably wrong, and yesterday several things went wrong and it only got worse from there.


The first thing to happen was with our server. It was really taking a beating by all the traffic. As soon as the site went live there were people on it. We had intentionally staggered out the launch email notification so it wouldn’t bog down the server but still once those emails started going out and word spread of the launch, the server started dragging.

It was about this time that we found out that the Kliqqi download file had become corrupt for some people and wouldn’t extract. So we had to quickly repackage and get a new file in place.

Then we started having issues with the forums in the early afternoon. By around 4:00PM EST it became clear that the forum software we were using wasn’t going to work for us and we needed a solution fast.  By 8:00pm the forums were replaced with what we are using now.

Also during the day a few bug reports tricked in. One major bug was discovered in the migrating and updating a site from Pligg to Kliqqi so we put a notification on the download page for people migrating from the old Pligg CMS to the new Kliqqi to wait while we sort it out. I can tell you that we are very close with that and hope to have it completed by the end of the day. We are testing the fix now.

We also had a few users that thought it would be a good idea to post insulting things to us. I can tell you right now, this will not be tolerated in the least bit. Constructive criticism is fine, but flat out insults will not be allowed. We have spent our own time and money to revive this project. We didn’t make a single penny off the sale of the Pligg domain. The previous owner took it all and left. So please think before you post any disparaging comments.

Please don’t send private messages to the administrators asking for private support. We do not provide free one-on-one private support. Use the forums and wait for a reply. There are several reasons for this. The first being that it’s possible that you have the same question as someone else and they will be able to find the answer by reading the forums. Secondly it takes precious time away from us developing new features, fixing bugs, maintaining the site, etc.

If you are reading through the forums and know the answer to someones question. By all means please reply to the person. This is a community. Don’t wait for one of us to respond.

We have another long day ahead of us, but at least we have launched. After 4 long months of working 18 hour days, 7 days a week we are both exhausted. We have a lot of plans for Kliqqi and will unveil them over the coming days, weeks, and months.

I would personally like to take a moment to thank Redwine. He has been a true hero through all this. Without his talent, initiative, and effort. None of this would have been possible.


One thought on “Launch Day Aftermath

  1. Thank you both ChuckRoast and Redwine for a great work over past months! I understand that the amount of work was huge and as software developement goes there are always bugs to fix. Just imagine that in a few days/weeks time this creazyness will go away an you could make this project profitable and focus on new features.
    Keep up the good work! Thank you!

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