Module Features

Kliqqi uses module system to add custom functions and features to your site. Want to automatically send a welcome email? Just activate the module and you’re all set.. We’ve already packaged Kliqqi with a bunch of our favorites to get you started..

XML SitemapsUploadsAnonymous ModeCaptchaPrivate MessagesLinksSpam triggerAdmin Snippets
Kliqqi is a search engine friendly CMS, and the XML Sitemaps module helps guide search engine crawlers to the most important pages on your website.
This module has been modified to show the admins all the sitemaps files in the module’s settings page.
The Upload Module lets users attach a file to a post or comment. It’s advanced settings page lets you configure a number of options, including the ability to generate and embed thumbnails from uploaded image files. New features were added to this module to simplify the image upload with an article. The module detects the relevant image of the submitted article and displays it in the submit page to decide whether to attach it or choose another one of your choice.
Not all sites want to require users to sign up in order to join the fun. The Anonymous Story and Anonymous Comments modules allow guests to submit a story or comment to your site.
We hate spam and have added one of the most secure captcha systems around. Kliqqi uses SolveMedia to thwart spammers from posting to your site.
A social network site isn’t very social without having the ability to communicate with each other. We’ve included a private messaging module to let users privately communicate with each other..
The Links module converts all URLs to hyperlinks. We’ve added new useful settings, that will be in the new Kliqqi release, to allow admins to converts URLs to hyperlinks for All Users or Just moderators or just admins.
This module works by checking submitted comments and stories for words or phrases that are located in three separate spam dictionaries. These dictionaries are classified as Light, Medium and Hard Triggers. If a match is found in one of these dictionaries the story or comment will either be held for moderation or automatically deleted. You will be alerted to stories and comments that need to be moderated when logged in to the Kliqqi Dashboard. Admins will see an alert message box appear when one of their stories or comments has been held for moderation or deleted.
This module Allows you to quickly inserting blocks of code into your templates, without modifying any template or core files. Just create a new snippet in the Kliqqi Dashboard by giving it a name, a location where it should appear and the code that you want to insert in that spot.