One click installation and the long lost family.

It’s been a wild few weeks since we launched. Today I am happy to announce that Kliqqi has officially replaced Pligg on the Softaculous one click install service that is used by most hosting companies. This means that if you are reading this, chances are you can now install Kliqqi on your website with a single click in most cases. You can usually find this available in your web hosting control panel.

We are almost ready to release our new version of Kliqqi. This release will contain a new upgrading system that will help get everyone using old outdated and unsecure versions of Pligg CMS migrated over to Kliqqi. This version will also contain several bug fixes that were brought to our attention from our users in the forums.  We’ll have more information on this release soon.

On a more personal note. I was separated from my birth family more than 45 years ago. Some of you know that I’ve been actively searching for my birth family for a little over 30 years now. It’s been a long journey searching through thousands of records and even petitioning my State Government and local courts to help. (Neither of which helped).

It was an almost impossible task, I had no name. I had no original birth certificate. I didn’t even know where I was born or what nationality I was. I had no family medical history which made my insurance premiums too much to afford. So I’ve had to forgo medical care for the most of my life. Stitching myself back together, setting broken bones, performing my own dental work, etc. It hasn’t been a pleasant experience.

I am happy to announce that I have found my birth father after 45 years. I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours searching for any of my family and it finally paid off. I have his name and the city he is in. I have sent him a message but I’m unsure if the contact information I have is still in use. I had taken 7 different DNA tests with multiple companies. It was the 7th and final test that came back with a 100% match. I can finally start putting together my family heritage.

I also found out that I have half brothers and a half sister out there. I’m so happy that words can not even explain the emotions I am going through right now.

Have a great day!



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