Quick Tip: Add Static Page to Menu

This is one process we hope to make easier over the course of development. For now this is the best way to add a link in the top menu to a static page. This method requires no template hacking and preserves the link in the database which makes updating your site in the future much simpler.

In the example above we are creating a link for the Test Page that was created for a previous tip. We are again using the Snippet module that lets you inject small pieces of code into your Kliqqi site.

Fire up the Snippet module again. In the example above we are creating a new Snippet called “Test Page Link” Next we are telling the Snippet where we want to display that link. We want the link to be in the top menu so we select tpl_kliqqi_navbar_end from the list of locations.

And finally we add the code to the link. In this case we are using the following line of code.

<li><a href=”/page.php?page=testpage”>Test Page</a></li>

Make sure you click save.


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