Quick Tip: Easily Add Google Analytics

Did you know you can easily add Google Analytics to your Kliqqi site? By installing the “Snippet” module from your modules list you can easily add code snippets into your site without having to modify your core files.

Select the snippets module from the modules list in the dashboard. Click on “add new”. You will want to add a title to your new snippet. Now you will need to pick the place that the snippet will go. In this case we are going to be calling the snippet from the footer.

Select tpl_kliqqi_footer_end from the list. These areas are called hooks.

Now you will want to put your Google Analytics code in the content box.

This part is very important. You need to wrap all javascript in {literal} tags {/literal} using both an open and a close tag. See image above for details.

Click save when you are finished.

The reason why we suggest this method of adding your google analytics code is that it lets you upgrade with no worries about loosing your tracking code in the future, or change to different templates without having to modify anything in them.

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