Quick Tip: Managing Comments

Did you know you can moderate all the comments made on your site? It’s inevitable that someone will post something that needs to be removed. Squelch a comment war or any other typical psychological breakdowns that may happen to unfold on your social community. We have you covered with the comment management section that can be found from the Kliqqi dashboard under the “Manage” menu and by selecting “Comments”.

Now unleash the power hidden within you and discard that comment!

Not so fast tough guy!  It’s a little more than that.

All comments on a Kliqqi sites have 4 states. Sort of like and on and off switch.

  • Published – This is a normal comment. It is visible for all to see.
  • Moderated – A comment is held for review by an administrator or a designated moderator.
  • Discard – This comment is not visible and is awaiting deletion. It can still be restored if necessary at this point.
  • Spam – Comment is not visible and is immediately removed.

Go forth with the new knowledge you’ve discovered and use it wisely.

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