Quick Tip: Tweak The Karma

Did you know there is score for every user on your Kliqqi site where points are rewarded for certain positive actions and removed for negative behavior? This helps keep the citizens of your site in order. You may want to fine tune it from time to time. This is where that is done. So tweak away till your hearts content. Find the Karma settings from your dashboard under the modules list.

The Karma module recalculates user karma scores when common actions are performed, such as when a user submits an article, leaves a comment, or performs a voting action. Karma scores are a good indicator of how active an account is on a Kliqqi website, and Kliqqi CMS makes use of karma scores when displaying the ‘Top Users’ page. In the fields below, enter a +N or -N value, where N represents a positive or negative number that you want to assign to each action.

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