Sneak Peek: Simple Weather

This weeks sneak peek comes with a special surprise, so read on. The Simple Weather module for Kliqqi displays the current environmental temperature of the location of any user shown from their profile screen.

If the user adds his or her location in the location field in the profile settings the simple weather module will automatically seek out the temperature for that location and add it to the profile informational section of that users page.

The special surprise this week is as you can tell from the image above there are some changes coming to the default template. The color, several styles, and structure of the default template will be changing in the upcoming release of Kliqqi 3.6 along with some major security enhancements and improvements that we will be discussing soon. The default template is now fully separated from the default modules. This was something we always wanted to do with Pligg CMS “back in the day” but were never able to do till now.

The simple weather module will eventually be available to download from the Kliqqi Premium area. Don’t forget to signup to our site to be notified when the Kliqqi Premium area opens. We will be sure to let you know!

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