Sneak Peek: User Awards

Last week we told you about some changes coming to the default template in the upcoming release of Kliqqi 3.6 and this week we get our first look while also examining the newly updated Awards module. This was another popular module from back in the Pligg days. The awards module automatically distributes profile badges to those who complete various achievements on a website running Kliqqi.

Lets take a look at how users can earn awards.

  1. A user must have more than a 500 point Karma score to earn the Power User Award.
  2. A user must have voted on more than 100 stories to earn the Power Voter Award.
  3. A user must have been the deciding publishing vote on more than 25 upcoming stories to earn the Six Sense Award.
  4. A user must have submitted a new story more than 50 times to earn the Power Submitter Award.
  5. A user must have had at least 35 of their submitted stories go to the front page (published) to earn the Power Publisher Award

The awards module will eventually be available to download from the Kliqqi Premium area. Don’t forget to signup to our site to be notified when the Kliqqi Premium area opens. We will be sure to let you know!

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