The Responsibilities of a Kliqqi User

More than Just a User
Users are not mere recipients of open source software. By working with an open source project users automatically become part of that project’s development. Because open source projects don’t have the same areas of documentation, quality control and marketing that proprietary projects do, it needs added manpower for these areas. That’s where you come in.

The role of users is crucial to open source. It is one of the pillars that make open source what it is- a place where users are not simply users, but a community that’s building up and developing a project as it is being used.

What Kliqqi Users Ought to Do
This responsibility may seem intimidating at first . But if you’ve been in the open source space long enough, you’re probably already doing what is expected of any open source user, and that’s to contribute to the project. While this often means contributing code, this isn’t the only way one can contribute:

  • Testing the software and providing feedback on it is essential to refining the project’s quality, functionality and ability to meet users’ needs.
  • Properly Reporting bugs is another significant way of improving the software without writing any code.
  • Creating documentation is another meaningful contribution. Even small ones like tutorials or articles posted on social media can be very helpful, and can also serve as marketing.
  • Speaking of marketing, this is another great contribution. If you’re fond of using Kliqqi and think it’s fantastic, let others know. Talk about it, write about it; you could even teach others about it through workshops and meetups.
  • Consider making a small financial donation to the project. Our overhead is just as expensive as proprietary and heavily financed projects. The difference here is that the bills are being paid by us.

There are plenty of ways that users can fulfill their role and be the responsible contributors that they ought to be in the area of open source. No matter how small, it is essential that users remember and act on their responsibilities as this is key to ensuring the continuation and effectiveness of the open source system.

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