Welcome to Kliqqi

Today we are launching Kliqqi.com. Allow me to introduce myself to those that don’t know me. My name is ChuckRoast. Together with RedWine, we aim to bring you a brand new version of the open source content management system previously known as Pligg CMS.  We were both heavily involved with the development of Pligg CMS with a combined 15 years experience of designing and developing Pligg CMS. With the recent sale of the Pligg domain by it’s owner, we wanted to take this CMS into a different direction. A direction that includes updated source code, rapid deployments, enriching the feature set, and bringing back a platform here that allows the users of Kliqqi to communicate, share, and explore ideas with other users of the Kliqqi software. We have a lot of future plans for Kliqqi that we know you’ll love.

Kliqqi.com itself is a social network that allows befriending other Kliqqi users, sending and receiving private messages, public forums, and your very own profile feed.  We will be adding more over the next few weeks as right now our main focus is getting a a version of the Kliqqi CMS together for you to use. We will release this as soon as possible.

If you would like to help us grow please consider donating.

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